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Welcome to the completely demented paradox that is McBride. This page has been designed with the sole intent to confuse, abuse, and toy with your head and to guide you in all things McBride. If you're new to The McBride Brothers this is where you can find out what you've been missing. And even if you're a dedicated fan; i.e. stalker, you can take the time to soak yourself in the essense only known as McBride.





The McBride Brothers, in all reality, are five high school students at Canterbury that were joined together, at the hip, and write and perform comedic sketches to be seen in morgues and hospitals around the country. Together they've created an off-beat, dark, often times insane type of humor. In the long run, they hope to have a television show, but for right now, perform live for the enjoyment of all.








Grant * Jon * Kyle * Nick * Nathan

Toby * Winky * Sean * Jared * Simon



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