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Voted Sexiest Man of 2002 by the Indiana Deaf-Blind Association

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HEIGHT: 6'0"(probably closer to 5'11" and 3/4 but I count tippy-toes)

WEIGHT: Anywhere between 2 and 792 Stone

WHERE ARE YOU?: Between the lines.


WHAT PURPOSE DO YOU SERVE: Hopefully a funny one. If not that, at least being the guy next to the funny one.

SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU: There's a 76% chance my ears are going to fall off at any second.

FAVORITE COLOR: morning-melon-with-a-hint-of-sunshine

FAVORITE COMEDY: Anything with capuchin monkeys.

FAVORITE FOOD: Like any performer, I survive solely on my desperate need for audience validation.

SUM UP YOUR STYLE OF COMEDY: Someone once said to me, "You know who you look like? That guy from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'." Naturally, I responded "Oh? You mean Johnny Depp?" And he said, "No, no... the ugly one." So, my style is "funny looking."

WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON TMB CHEMISTRY: We're all elements, but only one of us is Nobel. 

WHAT ARE SIX WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: sit on a potato pan otis