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This page is full of moments whenever a camera was availible to capture the McBride Brothers a their most impresive and embarasing moments.


"What the hell am I doing in Scotland?!?"






Grant and Kyle pose January 2003.



So long, high school, and thanks for all the fish.



There are similarly compromising pics of Lennon and Macca, yes?



Nathan wants to eat your soul.



Nick mid-Billy Mays impression. Intense stuff.


Nick urinating on a trophy... need anything else be said?



Lip-biting and guitar-playing, Americas favorite pastimes.



Nick occasionally models women's fashion shades. Don't be jealous.



Nick has very strong feelings about combining sombreros and lederhosen after labor day.



The bear could not be reached for comment.




The short bus would have been more appropriate.




Make like a tree and go away.



One question: why?




EXCELLENT! And now the trophy...




Sean and Winky sitting near a tree. S-P-O-O-N-ING.




Nobody ever figured out where Jon's back trouble started...




Looks like it hurts.



Kyle doesn't know what's going on... his natural state.



As always, Jon has a great deal to contribute.




You wanna ride my apple pie? I'll ride your apple pie! LET'S GO!!!!




Original Squad Member.




This is what killed John Wayne.




This is the ENTIRE squad as lovingly named by Grant "THE SQUAD", some of the fans in Harvard, Mass.




This is the main group of our fans The Squad (Minus the President of the McBride Brothers Fan Club... Cait B.).








Nathan with friends Sophie, The Brit Helen and unpaid TMB Intern Patrick.




Nathan and friends, again. Patrick is still unpaid.







"The A.D.D. CHANNEL is possibly the funniest script ever." -Things we wish this person was thinking.




Grant Boyd mixing the soon-to-be number one hit "Touch My Ferret" at The Attic Studio in Harvard, MA.




Kyle at The Attic Studio recording of "Touch My Ferret"




The Attic Studio equiptment.