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What can be said that this picture doesn't?


*Grant's family name is Toby McBride

*Grant officially joined the McBride Brothers in September 1998... the day when "we did that thing in that place with the stuff after the last monkey passed out" (Nathan remembers)

*Grant was born in Crawfordsville, IN. He grew up in Indianapolis for the first three years of his life, then moved into the tragically pathetic existence that is Fort Wayne, IN. Fortunately, Grant escaped and lived in Harvard, MA for a while...unable to escape the other brothers that way, he finally decided to move to Scotland, where he now attends St. far he's been able to avoid the other brothers.

*Despite being a remarkable 64.4" tall, Grant takes pride in his massive, thundering 56.3" thighs (each of which weigh one metric ton). Grant's exact weight is unknown but is suspected to be a little over two metric tons.



*Grant was the fourth and most desired-by-Addie-Smith member to join the group. He is also by far the prettiest in a dress and the laziest of the members; infact he rarely shows up for rehearsals... practices... performances anymore (he can get so sidetracked in Victoria's Secret... so many goodies)

*Grant's favorite colour is breasts. Grant claims "You can't get that same feeling out of any other colour... its so flashy and titilating... my eyes light up at the sight of breats."

*Grant, when not being locked in a cage for being naughty, spends most of his uninteresting life at speech meets, play rehearsals, musical rehearsals, or drumming in bands.



*Legend tells, the sole reason Grant was permitted to join the group was due to his resemblence to a defenseless, dandropheliac midget... an obvious must for any successful comedy sketch group.

*Grant enjoys listening to "YUMMY" music. His palatable favorites include: Cream, Live, Dave Matthews Band, Jimi Hendrix, Nicholas Payton, and Blues Traveler. He listens to all jazz and blues aswell as most classic rock. Oh yeah, and John Tesh.

*Grant has problems that the group identified almost immediately. This discovery was before a the first sold-out performance of TMB's career. Grant disappeared and was found behind the curtain, with a ruler to his thigh, making what sounded like 'hatching' noises. Also, he was once found smoking up on some good cacti and this is when the group discovered his habit of 'thwacking' things... while eructing. Generally this would be okay, but with a cactus in hand and an eruction so small it was difficult to hit with any consistancy... it was the groups first experience sharing needles.


*People claim Grant resembles such notables as Edward Norton, Michael J. Fox, Shaggy (from Scooby Doo), and Jeff Kent of the San Francisco Giants.

*Grant survives on a healthy diet of Heinz 57 Products, Macaroni and Cheese, as well as Papillae (his Mexican buddy).

*Grant cites influences from a variety of people and erect objects such as: Michael J. Fox, Ryan Stiles, Steve Martin, Monty Python, Dave Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Colin Mochrie, Colt Kraft, Bob and Tom (Hoosier Radio 'celebrities'), Dana Carvey, "Old Bessie", Rob Schneider, "The Love Brothers", Gary Sinese, Shaniqua, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Josh Brennar, and Carey Elwes.



*While some groups act like asses, Grant is very clear in saying that TMBs are different because "we are asses!"... so true.

*Grant makes the other brothers look like world travelers when it comes to accents, and makes them look like chameleons when it comes to impressions. While the other brothers are modest and claim their repertoires are limited, Grant really means it. He can do a bad British accent (can't everybody?), about five words in Austraillian, and a sketchy Mexican wearing laderhosen (sorry German fans don't know correct spelling... or care). His most prized impressions are that of a drunken elderly woman and a corpse.

*Grant's style and acting can best be summed up by another brilliant Harvard actor, Jamie Malie, who said "Grant's acting is all about the subtleties of a character," or by Canterbury critic Keshav Menon who once said "You suck."

*Seven words that describe Grant are: gregarious, exacerbater, on-again-off-again, wicked-very, shiny, squeezable, and punctual.



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