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October 6, 2005: BIG BIG BIG BIG NEWS! Kyle will be opening up for comedian Jeremy Hotz again at Bothwell Auditorium October 14 at 8:00p.m. Tickets for students are $5.00 and for non-students are $10.00. This announcement is late because Jeremy was unsure if he could work the date around his filming schedule. He is currently filming episodes for his new television series called "My Life and a Movie". So come out and enjoy the show! This will be Kyle's first standup appearance since last May. Check out the standup page!

September 6, 2005: Redesigned standup section is up. Eventually it will grow wings and fly off to become its on URL and make this mama bird proud. Go check it out!

May 1, 2005: Happiest of Happy 22nd Birthdays goes out to Grant, by far the best looking McBride Brother in a dress. I'd like to thank every one that braved come out and enjoy my live comedy this week. I performed for a room of 25 or so 70-year old men with coke-bottle thick glasses and came out hilarious. And with retirement homes growing in popularity among stand-up comedians...I suck. Also, thanks to everyone who came out and voted for me during the "$6,000 Competition " on Saturday. Many of you heard my commentary and reaction to the night and soon it'll be featured in a TMB Diary or on my Comedy Soapbox page. So stay tuned for verbally violent commentary on hacks...

Some changes to those previous live shows I mentioned last time. The same information is available on my standup page but it looks a whole lot different...

As always these shows are subject to change blah blah blah. It has been good to get back on stage in front of crowds (no matter how many of them may qualify for AARP and bulk Metamucil purchases).  I've been testing new material and thus far it feels pretty good. 

So where does that leave TMB as a troupe you might be wondering. Actually, it would be our collective guess that no one cared anymore where TMB as a group might happen to be. Hopefully that will all change quite soon. Keep the faith, and look both ways before crossing the street. That's not a threat; merely a friendly suggestion from a guy that firmly believes in active vehicular eugenics.

April 18, 2005: So remember that time when I was like "I'm going to update the site more" and then didn't update it for five months? Yeah, that's right now. Sorry kiddies, no such luck. Despite my knowledge that I am the only one that visits this site, I every so often feel compelled to update it. It's mildly therapeutic and part of the plea bargain. So I'll fill you in on the last few months.

"The Perfect Duo" as performed by Rachael and Ryan of Heritage High School (Ft. Wayne, IN) continued its domination of speech meets. Culminating in a 3rd place finish at sectionals and a birth into the semi-finals at State in March. The piece has also been picked up by another Indiana high school to be put into competition next year. This means that each of the last five years there has been a TMB related piece in competition. I'm only 80 years behind Neil Simon in that race. 

I have taken a break from standup for a few months, more out of necessity than anything else. The reason being I go to school in the middle of a cornfield and it is a pain to get to a club. I last performed December 23 @ Snickerz (Ft. Wayne, IN) with Bill Hildebrandt. But things are starting to fall into place for more standup comedy domination. I've got a few dates that while unconfirmed look really good when I used my public relations spin...

All of these dates are tentative and subject to change. I will try to schedule more Indiana and Ohio dates as the opportunities arise. But right now, I'm fairly certain my trany is dying (and I'm not referring to a lifestyle choice, he/she is alive and kicking). So we'll see what happens.

November 17, 2004: "The Perfect Duo", a speech duo written by Kyle, is now available exclusively on this website! Click here to view! Make sure to check out Kyle's stand-up dates by clicking here. Finally, there will be a big announcement soon. So, in the words of Larry Sanders... "No Flipping!"

November 16, 2004: "The Resurrection of Deena Burgundy" had a successful opening weekend. Pictures from the show will be posted soon.

November 11, 2004: "The Resurrection of Deena Burgundy", a new play by Richard T. Young starring Kyle and Aubrey Cunningham, will premiere this Friday. If the initial run is a success, the production may continue at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Kyle's stand-up schedule will begin again in December. Dates include...


September 3, 2004: So... you'll never believe what happened. I was on my way to update this site one day last February, and these giant moth-eating eskimos came to my computer, attacked me with some of their famous pies and took the files. They held them for ransom and said I would not get them back if I did not get them a job at the Athens Olympics judging gymnastics. Well as a secret ploy, I instead set them up to judge an Animé convention beauty pageant. Needless to say the giant moth-eating eskimos were not pleased, but they were being held captive by twenty Goku-alikes at the convention. But this did not stop the spiteful giant moth-eating eskimos from striking another blow to my plans. They found a time machine at the convention and sent the website files back in time to the Inca, and I mean we all know how those Inca are. So, now I was really in a pickle. I had to find Keanu Reeves so he could lead me to his phonebooth time machine. But when I found him he was no help at all. He was all like, "I was in SPEED. I kissed Sandra Bullock. She was in MISS CONGENIALITY. I was in the Matrix. And a bunch of old creepy guys dressed like me in the Matrix at the Animé have launched a counter attack against the Goku-alikes to free those giant moth-eating eskimos." So, I was like, "Crap. What ever will I do?" Then it hit me: I need to watch a bunch of MacGyver re-runs and some old footage of Jessie Owens running. I knew what I had to do. I would combine the speed of Owens and the creativity of MacGyver to shape a plan. I decided that my plan would be to run backwards really fast until I made it back to the time of the Atzecs. I constructed an outfit similar to the Spanish Conquistador Cortez with the help of several historians, then spiced up the outfit with the help of the guys from Queer Eye. So then some things happened and here I am updating the site finally.

What about you guys? What have you been up to? You've waited around for TMB to get off their lazy asses? Awww, you shouldn't have... really. Seriously, what a ridiculous waste of time.

Now for my state of TMB address:

Obviously, as I'm sure you're aware, the movie that was planned a year ago did not happen. The TMB schedules never really matched up. So the project, much like the troupe itself, is on the shelf. Grant, Nick and myself are each in three distant parts of the country. Grant is outside of New York City, I am outside of St. Louis, and Nick is now down in Texas most likely smuggling illegals across the border as we speak (thats just Nick's style).

If you want to stay up on news about Nick, visit

As for Grant, not even he is really sure of what he is doing. So just use your imagination.

As for myself, I have been blazing the standup comedy circuit in the last few months. Last April, I was given the opportunity to open for comedian Tom Cotter. That ended up being the kick in the pants that I needed. And I did a handful of standup comedy dates this summer in Missouri, Indiana and Ohio. I have a handful more lined up for the fall, but the biggest one is October 1st where I'm opening up for Jim Gaffigan ( ).

So thats a brief update for you guys. More will be on the way!

Thanks for understanding, though I know you don't.


December 22, 2003: Joyous Holidays Everybody! There will be a special holiday gift given to all TMB Squad Members. If you would like to join the official McBride Brothers fan club, register before 12:01am December 24, 2003 and you too can receive this special Squad Gift. Click here to become a squad member.

November 29, 2003: Greetings, salutations and all that jazz! Many apologies for the lack of updates in recent months. We have a wealth of TMB-related informational tidbits to share with you!

As for The McBride Brothers:

Fear not dedicated fans! Many people have asked if the use of the word "hiatus" is actually code for "the McBride Brothers are as dead as Strom Thurman in 1985." The answer: NO! The brothers are not dead. In fact, a few of them are quite alive. Do you need more than my word to prove it? Well here is the best news to come out of the TMB Camp in quite some time (well, regarding the Troupe). A new TMB movie is on the way! It will be the first TMB film since their award-winning 2002 release, ELECTION DAY. Kyle and Nick report that filming will begin in December. "It isn't going to be an annoyingly long film like ELECTION DAY," Nick said, "'ll be nice and short." Kyle added, "Our goal with it is to make a larger dent on the film festival circuit. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that." They say the script has already been written and pre-production is beginning. "There are some problems with locations right now," Kyle said, "...but hopefully we'll get through it, I mean we wrote scenes for an airplane and filmed those right after 9/11... so we've accomplished the impossible before." Make sure to check out the new and improved TMB FILMS page!

Also, remember to pick up your TMB Merchandise for the holiday season. Flying Pig tshirts and Election Day Premiere tshirts will all be on sale to TMB Squad members! So HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

As for Kyle:

Beginning in August, Kyle has begun to make his mark upon the standup comedy circuit. Two high-profile performances included a performance at the Demuzio Center, opening for the band BEHIND THE STARS. Then, Kyle had the honor of being asked to open for comedian Jeremy Hotz. Hotz was voted one of Comedy Central's Top 15 standup comedians in last February's STANDUP SHOWDOWN competition. Kyle said, "It was an amazing honor and it was amazingly inspirational meeting him. We talked for hours about the business and it was very encouraging." In other Kyle news, Kyle is in negotiations right now to star in a touring stage version of the play "Bang! Bang! You're Dead". There have been no word on dates however it will be published as soon as everything is finalized. Also, don't forget to pick up a copy of Kyle's cds 'Tracking Contradiction' and 'E.P. Acoustic' from or Tower They make great stocking stuffers.

As for Nick:

Nick recently finished up a successful run in Shakespeare's classic "Much Ado About Nothing". Nick has also started impacting the world of standup comedy. Recently, he hosted a successful event at The Pfeifer House. Nick said, "It was great. I told lame jokes and people laughed." A great time to be had by all.

Also remember to check out Nick's online comic strip, 'Slacker Central' as well as the wacky message board. It is truly fun to be had by the entire family. And while you're there, another great gift for the kids is an official Slacker Central tshirt. So go, don't be shy and enjoy yourselves.

As for Grant :

Grant has been hard at work, at the theatre grindstone, for the last couple of months. However, he has resurfaced with a new TMB DIARY. Go check out that page and the hilarity he shares with us. Also for the record, Grant moved back from the Scotland to the United States. He currently splits his time between Massachusettes and New York.


August 18, 2003: Grant and Kyle spent the week of August 11-15 working and training with SECOND CITY CHICAGO. If you are one of the few people that are not at all familiar with the history of SC check out this alumni page. It only lists those that have come out of the SECOND CITY CHICAGO but its impressive enough on its own. If you wish to see the alumni lists for the Toronto, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Detroit, or any of the other theatres, go here. Along with participating with the weeklong workshops on writing and improvisation, both Grant and Kyle performed an improv show at the Skybox Theater (located at Pipers Alley on North Avenue in Chicago) last Friday night. Along those same lines, both guys were spotted taking in the critically acclaimed shows "No, Seriously, We're All Gonna Die" (at the Second City Mainstage), "Pants on Fire" (at the ETC Stage) and they were spotted in the audience at Chicago's famous ImprovOlympic for a night of Harold's (long-form improvisation).

August 8, 2003: Kyle and Nick filmed two television shows last week. They filmed "Music @ Munchies" last Thursday. It was a live performance of them singing a bunch of amazingly funny songs. No word on when that will air. Then on Saturday, they taped an episode of the talk show "This Week in Albion". No official air date on that show either. This week is one of many travels for TMB. Nick will be in Baltimore, MD as a part of the Okaton Conference for Anime (remember to visit his online comic SLACKER CENTRAL). Kyle and Grant will be in Chicago working with Second City Chicago for the week. They will be working with the improv and writing workshops there.

July 2, 2003: More TMB news to update you on. In May, Nick had a very successful run as 'Alex' in his original play "Our Love is Here to Stay". Nick also makes a guest appearance in the film "LOPEZ: the movie". This film began shooting last fall, and Nick says that he was given top-billing as a promotional stunt. There is no official release date on this film. In other news, "THE G IS SILENT" is being shown in the film festival portion of the New Haven (CT) International Festival of the Arts (obviously being held in New Haven, CT) part of what they call 'The Gorilla Film Series' so any fans in the New Haven area, feel free to check it out.

June 28, 2003: Welcome to the newest TMB Squad member Danté. To join the Squad, send an email to

June 27, 2003: And now for the news...this August, Grant and Kyle will be working with Second City in Chicago, Illinois. The online store will be retooled. Currently, 'ELECTION DAY: The Singles' is being sold through CDBaby and in a few months hopefully all TMB merch will be sold via CDBaby. "THE G IS SILENT" is going to be released to purchase in July, exclusively through the site. Nick's online comic SLACKER CENTRAL (animation by Colin Gray... who makes a cameo appearance in "ELECTION DAY") is running in glorious technicolor. Check it out for more McBride related funny. The plans for a TMB tour are beginning to take shape right now. Keep watching for more updates... big news is afoot!

June 5, 2003: Happy 20th Birthday to Jon The film festival was an amazing success. While "THE G IS SILENT" did not win anything, it received a very nice response from the audience.

May 1, 2003: Happy 20th Birthday to Grant.

April 26, 2003: A lot of pictures have been put up on the site. They range from behind the scenes shots of "ELECTION DAY" to present day. Please visit the FilmPics page, the Picture Gallery page, and the Squad Member pages to view them. In other TMB News, "THE G IS SILENT" will be premiering May 15, 2003 at 6:00pm. During this showing there will also be a sneak preview of his other film "FIELD TRIP" (which will be officially premiering May 16-17, 2003 at 7:30pm directly following performances by Arvel Bird; co-producer of Pop Trash's EP).

March 28, 2003: It has been announced that "THE G IS SILENT" will premiere at the 2003 Windsong International Film Festival. This is the second film that Kyle stars in that will be debuting at this festival. The other film was one that he shot July 2002 called "FIELD TRIP". It is unknown if this year Kyle will again be a part of the Q&A Panel or not, but he is bound to be making an appearance. We will soon be posting pictures (yes, I know, some of these are over a year old) of the brothers at the 2002 WIFF, a number of shots from the filming of "ELECTION DAY", and a number of other pictures. In other Kyle news, he is currently in the midst of a run in HAMLET as King Claudius. Finally, Grant we'll be back in the States for two weeks to work on tour plans for the summer.

March 25, 2003: Happy Birthday to McBride Brother Nick.

March 17, 2003: Happy St. Patricks Day everybody!!! Kyle just wrapped up production on the film "THE G IS SILENT". Heres what he had to say about it: "The film is completely improvised... originally I had written a script for it, but at the last minute we decided that it might be more enjoyable if we just let it flow." The film, in which he also co-stars, is rumored to be beginning the film festival circuit, although Kyle did not confirm this. This is the third film that Andrea and Kyle have worked on together. Nick 's run in THE PRINCESS BRIDE is just about complete. This Saturday will be the final performance.

February 28, 2003: Have a lot of updates for everyone to enjoy. The play MURDER ME AWALYS starring Nick is opening. Make sure to catch it while you can. And now we have a lot of news regarding Kyle. He emailed me a lot of updates today, first and foremost was that he (as was as surely all of the brothers) would like to send his best regards to the surviving family members of television icon Mr. Rogers. There will be a new skit being uploaded on this site which was written as a satire/tribute to the man and the show.

Secondly, lots of new projects on the way for Kyle. February 27, 2003, Kyle hosted the pilot episode of a new game show. The game show is called HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?!? Kyle said "Basically, its a different version of the NEWLYWED GAME, only this time its roommates...basically I'm a younger more beautiful Bob Eubank." Lets hope for the best! Next, there are a few new film projects on the horizons. One of which is a project that he has recently written. This project is being directed by award winning director and writer Andrea Coltrain. That project is in pre-production at the moment. Also, the film Kyle's song "Lost At Sea" appeared in (he also made a cameo appearance in the film) LAST SEAT IN THE HOUSE is being shown in the Director's View Film Festival in New York.

Finally, everyone should wish Kyle a happy belated birthday! Kyle turned 19 years old on Wednesday February 26.

February 23, 2003: Here are some updates from the McBride center: Grant was recently spotted on vacation in Spain. He was taking a break after ending his season as a member of the St. Andrews chapion Frisbee team. Next, Nick's run in THE PRINCESS BRIDE is still receiving rave reviews, and he will be pulling double duty come the end of this week when he opens in the play MURDER ME ALWAYS. This last update comes from Kyle's POP TRASH webpage. Aparently he has been in talks with Freeze Management and the band MAD AT GRAVITY about becoming their new lead singer. Check out the POP TRASH NEWZ page now/

January 31, 2003: There is a new member of the Squad with the nickname "The Brit". Check out the TMB Squad memebers page now!

January 27, 2003: Some news not really regarding the troupe itself: there is a duo team in Anacortes, Washington that competed for the first time with the ADD CHANNEL and they won first place in the duo / individual event in an open division category. Congratulations to them and good luck to all the other teams competing with this piece!

January 22, 2003: Sorry for the long fallow period of missing news. However, I am back to update all the things that the brothers will let me in on! Now the news.... Nick received rave reviews for his debut in his live touring version of "The Princess Bride", we will be updating the tour page with show dates for it will be running until March. Kyle is in negotiations at the moment to star in Michele Andrews' directorial debut. Kyle also just released 'E.P. Acoustic' at the beginning of January. Nick, himself, is involved in negotiations to appear on stage more. It is rumored that he will be appearing in "Murder Me Always" and possibly a stage version of "Moulin Rouge"... however neither of those have been confirmed. Keep checking the site for more updates and goodies!

December 25, 2002: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE (courtesy of TMB themselves)!!!!! As a special holiday treat, there are two older TMB photos that have recently been discovered. As a special treat they have just been uploaded onto the site. Please go to the picture gallery to view them!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

December 12, 2002: Kyle had his "Mmmbop-lits" appear in 'The Burnian' that was released yesterday. Go check it out!

December 6, 2002: The TMB SQUAD pages are up now. Go check out the members here!

December 4, 2002: TMB received confirmation recently that ELECTION DAY was not accepted into the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. Too bad... they made a mistake! I spoke with both Kyle and Nathan and they both told me that TMB had discussed re-shooting the movie. Kyle said "We want to fix all the little glitches that we made; they were only bound to happen since it was our first time. We want to give ELECTION DAY the best visual packaging that we possibly can." Nathan said "Its going to be like ELECTION DAY : Special Edition. We're going to make it as good as it can possibly get."

December 2, 2002: Make sure you visit the TMB Online store for all of your holiday gifts. Also make sure you check out the TMB Diary page, Kyle has added a new entry "Mmmbop-lits".

November 22, 2002: This past Sunday, the film D.R.O.N.E. premiered. Kyle makes a special guest appearance in the John Hartman film. Also, it has been confirmed that Kyle will be appearing, for a limited engagement, in a stage version of "THE CHRISTMAS CAROL". He will be portraying Jacob Marley and a host of other smaller, funny characters. Kyle said "I wanted to do this because I wanted a chance to work with Rich (Young, the director). It should be amusing." Kyle will be appearing beginning December 7, 2002.

November 21, 2002: THE WIZ starring brother Nick premieres tonight. Don't miss it!

November 15, 2002: The TMB Online store is offering a special holiday price on the McBride Brothers' first feature film ELECTION DAY. If you sign up to be part of the TMB Squad (the McBride Brothers fan club) you can purchase the film for a reduced price. You will receive a special comfirmation number when you send your personal information to that you can send with your money to receive this video tape. Happy Holidays!!!

November 14, 2002: Heard a rumor that Kyle may be appearing in a stage version of "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" this winter. Information regarding this will be posted as it is received. Also, "The Wiz" staring Nick will be opening very soon, don't miss it!

November 4, 2002: If you did not receive the latest issue of the TMB Newsletter and would like to, email me at so you can get on the list. Please visit the message board. Also, the TMB Fanclub page is now up. The SQUAD is officially up on this site. Please visit the page to find out more about becoming a 'squad' member.

October 29, 2002: Nick has posted a question asking for the fan's movie ideas on the TMB Message Board. Please visit the message board to post your ideas. In general, Nick said "We want to stress that the message board is also for just random ideas that people may have for skits anytime they might have them... we're trying to encourage the creative process... we're also just looking for more people to post messages." So visit the board and talk with the brothers themselves! Also, remember to visit the TMB Voting page to cast your vote as to what you thought of ELECTION DAY... this is also something you could post on the message board... the TMB Message Board is versatile like that...GO NOW!!!!

October 25, 2002: The message board is finally up and running, so visit the TMB Message Board now!

October 24, 2002: Not much new news to be reported on. Wanted to remind people that "ELECTION DAY: a McBride Brothers mock-u-mentary" as well as a selection of t-shirts can be perchased through the website. Just visit the online store and spend away!

October 21, 2002: Be sure to check out the new page on this site: The TMB Diary. From time to time, whenever the brothers feel like it, they can add to the diary about their thoughts or just whatever they feel like saying. This is for ranting, raving, but most importantly making us all laugh. The Brothers wanted to add this to the site just for fun. The first entry is quite funny. CHECK IT OUT!

October 15, 2002: The October 5, 2002 performance for Senator Vince DeMuzio went extremely well. Kyle and Nick had the crowd rolling on the ground. They did about ten minutes of stand-up comedy each, then they proceeded to perform the award winning A.D.D. Channel. Could we be seeing the beginning of the brothers and stand-up comedy? In other news, Kyle did an interview with for the November issue of the Mirador, look for that to be out soon. ELECTION DAY has been submitted to the Brooklyn International Film Festival 2003. Lets hope for the best! And finally, Nick has been in negotiations right now to star in a stage adaptation of "Moulin Rouge".

October 2, 2002: Apparently Kyle has recently done a few interviews for newspapers and magazines. He told me that recently he has been contacted by a number of news and entertainment organizations asking for interviews. So be looking for those to be published in the next few months then appearing on this site. Also, remember, this Saturday October 5, 2002 is Kyle and Nick's performance for Senator Vince DeMuzio. It is also the debut of Kyle and Nick as stand-up comedians. Should be fun!

September 28, 2002: I have received a little more information about the October 5, 2002 performance. There will not be any guest performers appearing in skits with the McBride Brothers, however there will be some other guest performances for Senator Vince DeMuzio. The names of all the other guest performers have not been confirmed to me, however I have learned that vocalist Tonya Jackson will be performing a song before TMB, the featured act, takes the stage. Supposedly, there are three or four others that will be performing. The other bit of performance news I have learned is that the show will be different than others. While it will only be Kyle and Nick performing, apparently they will be doing some standup comedy along with their trademark skits. It should be very funny and interesting.

September 21, 2002: One bit of information I failed to mention yesterday, Kyle says he is finishing work on the script for a film entitled "HIGH TIMES, LOW TIMES". Originally filming was to begin summer of 2003, however he says plans may have changed. "I've heard word from Windong Pictures and they've mentioned the possibility of shooting earlier than summer 2003. They've brought up shooting December 2002 - January 2003. Other than that I am unsure." I asked if he would be doing anything with the film apart from writing the screenplay. "I honestly don't know. As far as I know I'm not going to be directing. I'm obviously not producing it, thats Windsong Pictures. I guess we'll have to see."

September 20, 2002: I've received word that there may be a few guests appearing with the McBride Brothers October 5, 2002. As to who it will be is still a mystery as is what will be performed. Kyle wouldn't tell me anymore about the performance details. "I give you enough secrets... let me keep a few for later. I'll need something to tell you next week, won't I?"

September 18, 2002: Here's the latest TMB news as I know to be true: The McBride Brothers are going to be performing October 5, 2002 for Senator Vince DeMuzio's dedication ceremony of the DeMuzio Center. It will probably be an hour ceremony with the brothers performing for about half that time. They haven't told me what exactly they're going to be performing, but it will be funny as always. Next on the agenda is the Sundance Film Festival. The Brothers are going to be submitting ELECTION DAY to the festival (the deadline is September 27, 2002). "We're a long, long, long shot at best...although stranger things have happened," Kyle told me. The 2003 Festival will take place in Park City, Utah in January 2003. Good luck guys! Finally, I spoke to Nick yesterday and he informed me that in November he will be appearing on stage in "THE WIZ" as the Wiz. Thats the news for now.

September 11, 2002: On this, the one year anniversary for the September 11th, 2001 attacks the United States, The McBride Brothers and myself would like to share our deepest collective sympathy for every family closely connected with the tragedy. We would also like to encourage people to ask questions, to seek knowledge, and to realize that looks can be deceiving.

September 7, 2002: I've heard rumors that the McBride Brothers might be having a surprise performance in the next month or so. I've emailed the Brothers asking them, however none of them have responded yet. As soon as I find out more information, I will post it. Also, a number of new transcripts were put on the website, new TMB material that I've been given. Those new skits include "The Critics", "Medieval Realestate Agency", "Parakeet", and "Second-hand Smoke Addict". Go visit the transcripts page to check those out.

September 2, 2002: Happy Labor Day to one and all! Enjoy the day. And, while you're here, check out this new page explaining the most recent film Kyle appeared in, D.R.O.N.E.

September 1, 2002: Word on the summer 2003 tour is that it is in the early stages right now. No dates have been confirmed. I spoke with Nick yesterday and he said, "There is a great deal of planning and preparation needed for any type of a tour. As important as the actual dates are, its also important to have the other details secure." Remember to visit the voting page when cruising the TMB site.

August 31, 2002: Latest news on the McBride Brothers, Kyle has moved to the St. Louis area. He will be there for the better part of the next ten months. However, as previously stated, the McBride Brothers have not ended. Not even close. Heres what Kyle had to say about a possible break-up: "By no means have we broken up... we're just on a forced hiatus. Actually the last week or so has probably been one of the most productive the troupe has had since ELECTION DAY was being written... and as far as skits go its the most productive week we've had in a few years. Eleven new skits have been written and we have about six or seven other ideas." I also spoke with Nick and he said, "We're building up a wealth of material for our tour next summer. Of course we'll do some of the classics, but more than anything as the poll indicated, people want new funny... and so we'll have to give it to them. Viva la McBride." More news, pictures, and other goodies to come.

August 19, 2002: This is some really old news, I apologize for not having posted it sooner. Back around May 18, 2002, the garage of Nick was robbed. Close to about $700.00 worth was taken. Police have a few leads, but nothing has turned up so far. In other TMB news, I will be posting the interview I did with Kyle about his cd "Tracking Contradiction" very soon. Also Jon has begun work/training that he will be needing for his next project. Thats it from the TMB news desk.

August 17, 2002: This is pretty old news, but theres not a whole lot to talk about thats new. Back on August 2, 2002 POP TRASH released their debut cd "Tracking Contradiction". Why is this important? Its important because POP TRASH is Kyle. His debut cd has made quite the impression on the public. This is what Kyle had to say about it: "Its called TRACKING CONTRADICTION because there are two conflicting styles on the album. There is the pop-ish side and there is the harder side of the album, they basically contradict each other. Wherein comes the inspiration for the title... I would have to say more than anything this is a collection of my work from January 2000-July 2002... at least when they were written. I began recording back July 2001." I will be doing an official interview with him about this release soon. So keep checking the press page for that and also visit the Elenerex Records page for more info on Pop Trash as well as our online store.

August 15, 2002: News on the McBride Brothers front... The Brothers are planning on entering ELECTION DAY at a number of other festivals. There are about six or seven that they mentioned, but none of those are final at the moment. The Brothers are also in the beginning stages of a tour next summer. Very early planning I'd say... very un-mcbride. Kyle responded "Yes, very ahead of schedule for us. However, there is good reason... for the next eight to nine months, the troupe is not going to be very active together. We are going to write a great deal and we might try to do a few little projects around December and January. So we want to have a giant comeback when May comes around. A large 'WE'RE HERE!' to make up for the long absence. So we feel a major tour would do that. It'll also give us reason to write." So a tour and more festivals... a lot to look forward to. ALSO, there is a new poll up on the voting page. SO GO VOTE!

August 13, 2002: HEY! On Sunday Kyle filmed two scenes for the film "d.r.o.n.e." with director John Hartman for Spacemonkey Productions. On Saturday September 7, 2002... Spacemonkey Productions will be having a benefit concert. More information about this event to will be coming soon.

August 10, 2002: So, what is upcoming for the McBride Brothers you might ask... I spoke with Kyle today and this is what he told me. "The next year is going to be an interesting one for TMB. I'm going to be living near St. Louis. Jon is going to be near Cincinatti. Nick is going to be here. Lots of distance... so, heres the immediate plan: we are going to spend the majority of the next year building up a wealth of new material. There might be a few times where we will get together as a troupe and do something. We've talked about making another film (a short one) or even recording an album. Then next summer, we plan to go on an extensive tour. We're starting to work on that right now. " So there is the promise to build up new material and a summer tour in 2003. Can't wait! I also talked to Nick today and asked him when the last time the troupe had actually written a skit was. He responded "Um... the 12th of never.... Actually, basically all of our energy from October to May was focused on the movie. I know we all had a few ideas for skits but we didn't have the strength to write them. Since the film festival, however, we've slowly started to write again. One of the skits we did for the May 29, 2002 show was new (PLACEBO) from Kyle. Kyle and I have written two skits together and a couple on our own. We have hundreds of ideas, its just the work involved in getting them onto paper... we've all become big fans of improv...".

August 8, 2002: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're back in action. We have been having server problems for a while now and finally got back and running. Now those of you that have been visiting the site will know it really hasn't been updated since May 15, 2002. However, there were many news updates since then that we had tried to update, once again server problems. Anyway, thank you for your patience and enjoy. Read below for the many news updates that are now long past.

August 4, 2002: The ELECTION DAY premiere was an incredible success. I went both nights and the crowds that turned out were excellent. "All the outside promotion and, I guess, our reputation, helped out a great deal. We were able to sell a great deal of merch and gain more outside, random support. It was extremely successful," Kyle said. TMB merch. included: VHS copies of ELECTION DAY, four tshirt designs, an ELECTION DAY : the singles cd, Kyle released a POP TRASH cd entitled "Tracking Contradiction"... it was a great success. TMB would like to thank everyone that attended and hope that it was enjoyable as well as worth the wait. Before showing ELECTION DAY, Andrea Coltrain and Sara Sheet's film LAST SEAT IN THE HOUSE was presented. All in all, the entire experience was very enjoyable. I laughed a lot. To all of you that either missed the premiere or missed a chance to buy merch. our online store is having some difficulties with Paypal. So, for now, we'll be working by regular mail.

August 1, 2002: Did you miss the MARK IN THE MORNING TMB interview? Well in the next few weeks, I will be uploading a few clips for your enjoyment. Remember the premiere begins tomorrow and the Journal Gazette article will be published tomorrow as well.

July 31, 2002: Make sure you watch NBC33 Fort Wayne people. Jon, Kyle, and Nick will be appearing on MARK IN THE MORNING. The morning news program runs from 5am - 7am. Be sure to either watch or tape it! Remember the premiere is this Friday and Saturday!

July 29, 2002: Be sure to come to the Election Day premiere August 2nd and 3rd. Also, today Steve Penhollow of the Journal Gazette interviewed Kyle. That article should be appearing in Friday's WEEKENDER section. They should have gotten front page!

July 27, 2002: Kyle has wrapped filming on "FIELD TRIP" and returned to Fort Wayne, IN. Apparently, while filming on a boat in the middle of Lake Huron, the cast and crew hit with what Kyle describes as a monsoon. "That was amazingly fun." Rumors are already in the works for a "FIELD TRIP 2". All Kyle had to say about that was "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

July 4, 2002: Happy Fourth of July!

July 2, 2002: I spoke with Kyle today and he informed me of two new developments. First, there has not been a great deal of progress on "High Times, Low Times". He said it might be either scrapped or put on hold for the time being. However, no real decision has been made. Also, Kyle informs me that he has signed on to star in the film "FIELD TRIP" for Windsong Pictures. It will be directed by Michael Floyd (Sacred Journey, Sacred Places). The rest of the cast has not been announced yet. He will begin filming July 21, 2002 in Mackanac City, Michigan.

June 15, 2002: Finally some new McBride Brothers news. Firstly, the ELECTION DAY premiere will be August 2 & 3, 2002 at Summers Auditorium. Come out and enjoy this hilarious mock-u-mentary. Secondly, as I'm sure is probably obvious, a tour this summer is out of the question. There might be a few scattered shows however there will be nothing full-scale. Next, I spoke with Kyle yesterday, and he tells me he is in the beginning stages of writing a feature length drama for Windsong Pictures tentatively titled "High Times; Low Times". He tells me its about a young girl who is roped into the mafia and a ring of prostitution, and must escape to save her sickly father. More information about that will be coming. Finally, the future of TMB is somewhat uncertain... rather the members of TMB are uncertain. The only certainty at this point is that Kyle and Nick will be carrying on TMB. Grant has decided to relocate to Scotland and said that "It would be extremely difficult to maintain my active involvement with the troupe from across an ocean... I haven't really been that active since before Nick joined...". More news to come.

June 8, 2002: Congratulations!!! Happy Graduation!

June 5, 2002: First and foremost, Happy Birthday to Jon (he's 19 today!). In other news, four of the TMB members are graduating this month. This fact would raise some questions as to the group staying together. However, when I talked to Jon, Kyle, and Nick, they really had no comment, but they'd address that soon. Jon, Kyle, and Nathan graduate from Canterbury High School June 8, 2002.

May 30, 2002: Yesterday's performance received a very good response from people. Here was the set list:

Election Day Trailer...

The McBride Brothers had the audience in absolute hysterics by the end. Overall, it was an enjoyable performance. And the premiere date is going to be the first weekend in August 2002.

May 21, 2002: We were informed ealier today by Jon that TMB will be performing May 29, 2002 at Summers Auditorium. He didn't say what the set list would be, but that should be coming in time. The main goal of the performance is to show a trailer and promote for the premiere of ELECTION DAY. As far as the premiere goes, a tentative date would be end of June; however, the brothers have been looking to postpone that to the beginning of August. We'll see what happens.

May 20, 2002: The awards ceremony was an interesting experience for TMB (especially Kyle). After the McBride Brothers were presented their award, festival director, Michael Floyd, presented Kyle with the festival's grand prize: an all expense paid trip to Nashville, Tennessee for 12 hours of recording at Brush Hill Studios with engineer Arvel Bird. He was presented this for appearing in and composing music for the films LAST SEAT IN THE HOUSE and FLIGHT OF AN ANGEL; as well as directing, editing, producing, co-writing, and co-starring in ELECTION DAY. Congratulations Kyle! Also, Nick attended the final screening day of the festival Sunday May 19, 2002. "It was an interesting experience. Its the first film festival I've attended." Kyle added, "Over all, I'd have to say the funniest film in the festival was called 'Wild Pasture' by J.C. Brady... there was also a film called 'Black Dog' from James Kerry (University of Alabama)... Nick found that one particularly funny. I would have to say, of both the comedies and the dramas, the best film in the festival was an incredible film called 'The Book and the Rose' by Jeff Bemiss of Chartercrest Films. It was extremely well done and very enjoyable."

May 18, 2002: The awards ceremony is today for the Windsong International Film Festival. We already know that ELECTION DAY has won so theres not much anticipation really. However, the film along with other winners, will be screened and the awards will be given.

May 15, 2002: Only three days until the Windsong International Film Festival Award Ceremony is held. The festival itself began Monday, and Kyle has been there each day in support of both the festival as well as the other films he not only appeared in but composed for. After Forums II and III, Kyle is availible for a Q&A session from audience members, these questions can range from the two songs that appeared on the soundtracks for LAST SEAT IN THE HOUSE and FLIGHT OF AN ANGEL to questions about the ELECTION DAY.

May 9, 2002: I spoke to Jon , Kyle, and Nick yesterday about there next move as a troupe. They were very vague as to what the next step would include, but they did give some ideas. They wanted to hear what the fans thought which is why they asked me to put a poll up. Basically, not a whole lot has changed since the last time I updated. However, they were definately making forward steps. Kyle said, "We are talking to people about putting a tour together... a bigger one than we've done in the past. We have been talking to management agencies and have been looking into that option." Nick then added, "In the next few months there are going to be some major changes to the McBride Brothers, on many levels." When I asked what those changes were, they didn't really respond. However, as far as the tour goes, Jon told me "Kyle is traveling to St. Louis, MO Friday and going to talk to a few entertainment agencies about the tour. We'll have to see."

May 8, 2002: If you've gotten this far you've obviously seen one of the many new additions to the website. THE POLL! Please vote and give the Brothers your opinion as to what their next move should be. Be sure to check out the rest of the site for all the new changes. I'm working on a "Media Garden" page to put video clips and sound clips up for your enjoyment. I am having some difficulties though, so be patient.

May 6, 2002: The performance on Saturday was awesome. There was only one real problem that I had with the show and that was that it was only Jon, Kyle, and Nick performing. I haven't asked the other brothers yet why Nathan did not perform. Not sure what this means. However, here's the set list for that performance:

The Bad Lounge Act
Governor's Wrong Number
I Speak No English
Axe Murderer
Pit of Ultimate Darkness (multiple personalities)
Inflatable Raincoats
The Telepathic Man

Theatrical Trailer for ELECTION DAY

One of the funniest moments of the night is when Nick burst out, during the first scene, jumping on top of a piano Jon was playing, in a long red dress. It was quite funny and I was able to video tape it. I'm not as good of a videographer, like the brothers are, but its something.

May 3, 2002: NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! The ELECTION DAY trailer will be shown this Saturday at Summers Auditorium during a special Cabaret that Canterbury School is holding. But, not only will the trailer be shown for the first time, but the Brothers tell me that they will bew performing a special fifteen minute show as special guests to liven up the evening while the main performer, the Canterbury High School Jazz Band, rested during their sets. Jon and Kyle are also going to be in the jazz band so watch for them. 7:30 Summers Auditorium.

May 2, 2002: I know I've promised this for a long time (both of these things) but I am finally going to be getting the store running and we're going to be putting up sound and movie clips for your enjoyment. About the store, it will initially be up as a very simplistic system then I'll hook up with Paypal and it'll be set. So in the next few days the store will open. There have also been a few updates on the bios and new features.

May 1, 2002: First of all, Happy 19th Birthday to McBride Brother Grant. Second of all, the ELECTION DAY trailer is scheduled to be released in the next few days so be watching for it. There are two versions from what I undestand (a long version and a short version).

April 26, 2002: This is actually some older news but this past Tuesday, Kyle was nominated for a Sterling Sentinel Award (an award given by a local paper, The News Sentinel).

April 25, 2002: Did you happen to catch Pop Trash's surprise performance today at Summer's Auditorium? They played a special, almost unannounced performance. It was the first true Pop Trash live performance in a long time and it was a very small intimate show. There was a decent sized crowd (including myself) and most were pleasantly shocked to hear the mystery group announced. It was a great performance, as I said before very intimate and Kyle talked candidly for the 25 minutes they were on stage. They even did a little bit of comedy. All in all, it was a great performance. I have heard that the performance was recorded so if there are any, please let us know so we can make them availible on this site.

April 24, 2002: Congratulations to The Joey O. Band (who appear twice on the ELECTION DAY soundtrack). Word came in recently that they have a top ten album in Europe. Way to go Joey!

April 22, 2002: Heres the latest McBride News... yes, for those of you that have emailed asking, that is Kyle's voice on WAJI Majic 95.1 FM station identification commercials. He was asked to write, produce, and perform one for the station and he agreed. We will be putting a sound clip of that commercial up as soon as we get our hands on a copy. Also, we here have learned that not only will Kyle be heard on the ELECTION DAY soundtrack (for obvious reasons) but he will also featured on the FLIGHT OF AN ANGEL and LAST SEAT IN THE HOUSE soundtracks. He has a song called "Storm in a Bottle" for FLIGHT which is an instrumental and then there is a song called "Lost at Sea" which is featured on the LAST SEAT soundtrack. He will also appear in both films. Just a little news to whet your insatiable desire for McBride News.

April 14, 2002: News came in from the McBride camp that their feature film debut, ELECTION DAY, has won the Windsong International Film Festival. Their feature-length comedy won first place and there will be a ceremony May 18 to present their award, screen a small clip of their film, and other prizes will be presented. Congratulations guys!! There are now talks of the Brothers doing their own premiere of ELECTION DAY. There has been nothing but discussion and no plans have been made.

April 12, 2002: So what is going on in the realm known as McBride? No word yet on the premiere of ELECTION DAY but its said to be mid-to-late May. Right now, I am setting up an online store to satisfy all the people that have emailed wanting to buy the movie, the soundtrack or just random McBride merchandice. For a while it'll probably just be informal until we set up our paypal system. Here are some more little ideas in the works. Nick told me that the idea of making an album have resurfaced now that ELECTION DAY is completed. He said, "It is something that we have wanted to try for a while now but we began the movie and the tour and didn't have time for much else. We aren't sure if we'll actually go forward with it, however it has been brought up." I also spoke with Kyle and Jon yesterday and they told me that there are many paths McBride could take next. Jon said "We are at that point where it feels like you've just gotten off a rollercoaster and have one hundred and one different directions you can go to another ride but you can't decide in which direction to head" then adding "...that was way too philosophical... I like ponies." When I asked what some of those directions were, Kyle responded, "One thing that I think we all want to do is start writing again. I know in the last few months we have come up with a couple of characters and skit ideas that we want to work out and get back to the basics of writing little one-offs and not have to write an entire screenplay and worry about continuity. Also, as we've mentioned before, we've been thinking about a National tour. East to West in North America. But nothing has been confirmed. We're trying to get our foot in the door with a management and touring company to officially organize it for us but we'll see where that goes. I will probably be shooting the video for the song ELECTION DAY pretty soon. Not sure with who or how but that will work out with time. So thats what could be going on... lets see if any of it does happen." Thats all the info I've got for you right now. Stay tuned...

April 10, 2002: ELECTION DAY was submitted to the Windsong Film Festival and so far it looks as if the Brothers will be showcased. However, nothing is certain so lets keep our fingers crossed. I myself have not seen the movie yet but from what the Kyle tells me (who did all of the original editing and post-production), "It is damn funny. We have done a couple of age-demographic tests and it is definately appeals to a wide variety of humors. Young, old, male, female, conservative, liberal, cynical, optimistic... everyone laughed at something."

March 25, 2002: Happy 16th birthday to McBride Brother Nick.

March 15, 2002: Editing has begun and according to the Kyle and Nick, there are going to be two versions of the movie ELECTION DAY. Kyle said, "Basically there are rules and regulations that must be met for the film festival and one of those is time constraint. So, there is definately going to be a director's cut version that we will be selling and premiering on our own time." Nick added, "We haven't finished editing the film and finalizing it so we can't say for sure what will end up on the movie that we release but if there isn't anything major thats left out, there will definately be a directors cut will deleted scenes and bloopers, since to us the funniest stuff we've done are the out-takes... which doesn't speak well for the film itself."

March 13, 2002: There are some new transcripts that have been uploaded. So check out the transcripts page and enjoy. The Brothers are performing this weekend at Plymouth H.S. and then the following weekend at Indianapolis North Central H.S. This final date wraps up the "Most Pathetic Show on Earth Tour 2001-2002"... as far as we are aware. There is some talk of taking a few months off to finish their first film ELECTION DAY, and then head back on a full scale tour of the United States and Canada. However, this is only speculation and an idea that has been tossed into the gears. We will get back to you when and if we learn more.

March 8, 2002: Its been real slow on the TMB Front. This weeks performance at Snider H.S. will include a new piece called "Good Morning Vietnam!". Be sure to check out this amazing award winning performance there are only three shows left! Also, filming has not ended which has Kyle extremely upset. "We wanted to get the film done by February 1 but there were other problems to contend with. Then by mid-February and then by the beginning of March and none of those have happened... It is really upsetting to have this happen when there is a deadline fast approaching and I am editing the movie; which is something I know nothing about."

February 27, 2002: No real news from the Brothers. The Columbia City Performance saw the revival of the A.D.D. Channel by request but as things are going now, it probably will not be performed again on this tour. The Brothers are performing this weekend at North Side H.S. in Fort Wayne. One last piece of news, the performance by POP Trash the night of March 9 at the FAME Benefit show has been cancelled due to uncontrollable outside circumstances. And finally, Happy Birthday to Evan Kroh (subject of the Kroh Krazies website and he is appearing on the ELECTION DAY soundtrack).

February 26, 2002: Happy 18th Birthday to McBride Brother Kyle.

February 21, 2002: There are many rumors flying my way courtesy of TMB fans. The first is that Grant may be appearing in another play out in Boston, MA. We're not sure whether this is true or not or what the title is, but its expected to run through the beginning of April. Secondly, Kyle may be appearing in a small play in May, haven't talked to the Brothers yet for confirmation. The third rumor is also about Kyle . Rumor has it that Kyle, along with being the major driving force behind ELECTION DAY, will be in three other films coming out soon. This one also has yet to be confirmed by the Brothers, but the name of one of the films is REACHING TOMORROW'S SUNRISE. Hopefully in the next few days we will have these rumors confirmed or denied by the brothers. Also, check out the ELECTION DAY page for movie news and movie related pages.

February 18, 2002: Just to let you know after the fact, the Brothers were terrorizing the skies yesterday... they filmed a few scenes for the movie ELECTION DAY with Mercury Air, and they were allowed to sit co-pilot for a few minutes. Other news, the film festival (Windsong Pictures) will take place May 13-19 in Fort Wayne, IN.

February 15, 2002: News about the Huntington North show: it will not be a one-man show for Nathan. It will however be a two man show for Nathan and Nick. They will be doing two pieces the award winning "Pillow Talk" and the multiple award winning "Hardy Boys". At Columbia City H.S. February 23, 2002, both Jon and Kyle will be rejoining the Brothers on stage. Also, Nathan did a shocking surprise one-man show, yesterday as his famous character Dougan S. Lovechild (as seen in a picture below) and had rave reviews when he also performed his magic disappearing act for the large Somewhere on Dupont Road crowd. Check out the ELECTION DAY page for movie related news.

February 14, 2002: Happy Valentines Day everybody! Especially to all the ladies (from McBride Brothers). Nathan would like to wisth all the ladiesth out there an espethially thexy Valentineth Day Night.

February 11, 2002: Once again just not a great deal happening with the Brothers right now. After a long and overdue break, the Brothers are going to start touring again. Starting this Saturday, the brothers will be performing for the next six weeks. This Saturday they get back to the road with a show at Huntington North H.S. (however, rumors buzzing around claim it might be a one-man show for Nathan, we'll see what the Brothers say when I ask). Then it is off to Columbia City H.S. February 23, North Side H.S. March 2, Snider H.S. March 9, Plymouth H.S. March 16, and possibly North Central H.S. March 23. All this while filming wraps up and post-production begins on the Brothers first feature film ELECTION DAY.

February 9, 2002: New news from the world of McBride: I spoke to Kyle earlier today and he told me that he, Nathan, and Nick were all involved with the musical "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" which will be held March 2-3, 2002 at Canterbury H.S. Secondly, he confirmed that the brothers will begin touring again in the next few weeks. Finally, he told us that his band POP TRASH will be performing at a special one-off gig March 9, 2002 at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, IN. Check out the TOUR DATES PAGE soon as we learn about upcoming gigs and performances.

February 4, 2002: There isn't a great deal of news regarding the brothers apart from the film that news you can find on the ELECTION DAY page. I talked with Jon, Kyle and Nick yesterday, and they said that this last weekend was very productive. Kyle said, "We did the scenes we needed with what we have aptly endoctrined "Da Crowd" and so that was helpful. As of Sunday night the brothers have about 31 scenes left on the schedule. When we started Sunday afternoon, we had about 48 remaining. So its moving along now." Nick added, "There is only one major road-block and those are the scenes on the airplane. Other than that, the only problem is time." Jon finished with, "We want to thank everyone that came out to be a part of the crowd scenes, it was really helpful and we hope it was fun for them." One more piece of news, a few things on the bios have been added and updated by request from fans so enjoy.

January 30, 2002: For a while now, fans have been writing both the brothers and myself asking about purchasing TMB related items. It has been decided that an online store will be setup on this site to buy TMB gear. So far the things fans have asked for are: live taped performances, the film Election Day, the Election Day Soundtrack, comedy cds, t-shirts, and someone asked about codpieces (but I'm pretty sure that was Nick ). In the next few months an online store will be set in place where you and your friends can buy TMB gear appropriate for burning.

January 29, 2002: New tour dates are posted on the site, check those out. The Brothers are taking a two week hiatus from their performance schedule in order to focus completely on the film. Once again, extras will be needed this weekend so email the brothers to find out more specific info.

January 22, 2002: On January 27, 2002, TMB will be needing extras for filming, especially females, for three scenes on Sunday. If you see this tell your friends and meet at Canterbury High School @ Noon January 27.

January 14, 2002: Some of the reviews are in about this weekends extended Indiana University performance. Of the new material, "Pillow Talk" was the overall favorite with "Breakfast with the Kennedys", "The Plaza Suite", and "The Three Step Method" not as impressive. It was a long weekend for the Brothers who have decided to cancel the January 19, 2002 show and opt to film "ELECTION DAY" instead. I talked with Kyle this morning about it. He said, "It was a marathon weekend for us, we are all very exhausted. As a troupe we feel that the shows this weekend were not as stellar as they should have been, " and he went on to say, "I think a lot of it was trying to rush a performance of that scope together at the last minute. We are taking this weekend off, doing more filming in the process and then the Brothers will possibly do a show at Plymouth High School January 26, 2002."

January 10, 2002: Even more news has come my way about this weekends performance of the "MOST PATHETIC SHOW ON EARTH" and I have three words to describe it: SOME NEW MATERIAL! Yes, when I talked to Nick this week he informed me that Variations on the Death of Trotsky will be dropped from the show. However, as previously reported, "The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From" will still be in the lineup. New pieces include "The Birdcage", "Breakfast with the Kennedys", "Hypochondriac's Guide to Life", "Pillow Talk", "The Plaza Suite", and "The Three Step Method". "WHOAAH!" will also be performed. Remember to look for movie news on the Election Day update page.

January 7, 2002: At this weekends performance of the "MOST PATHETIC SHOW ON EARTH" Nathan will be jpining Kyle and Nick. The performance will be January 11-13 at Indiana University. Now onto movie news. I've been very lax on updating recently but I talked with them this weekend and they just said there was not a whole lot other than filming, filming, filming. The Brothers began filming late December and are still going. They plan to be filming all through January and would like to begin post-production in early February. Some important movie related news: Jon Harris (sometimes referred to as Oth McBride) has joined the cast of the movie. He is not infact an actual McBride Brother but he is a friend of the group and has a significant role in the film. According to Kyle who is directing the movie "We've filmed about 20% of the movie so far... but it has just been short interviews and other scenes... we have yet to do many of the real action scenes." Nick said, "So far we've taken over a hotel and a wing of Whitley County Hospital... the employees were very amused. Its coming along, some of it has ended up being a lot more funny than we thought it'd be... so thats good." One more small piece of movie related news: Grant flew in from Boston and filmed all of his scenes over the first week of filming. When I talked to him he mentioned something about being naked and being chased by cops in a cemetery. I think we'll just assume it was for the film.

December 18, 2001: The Brothers are hard at work on the movie and will be for the next couple of months. Also the next performance is a two-day stint at Indiana University January 11-13. And pictures ARE coming soon, I promise.

December 14, 2001: This weekend's performance at Snider High School marks the last time that Kyle and Nick will be performing the piece "The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From" in their "MOST PATHETIC SHOW ON EARTH". There is the possibility that they will return it to the lineup later, but they are retiring it as much as Celine Dion retired her career. They do this in order to be fresh for their audiences.

December 11, 2001: Filming for the first McBride Brothers full length film is slated to start next Thursday Dec. 20, 2001. All five McBride Brothers are supposed to appear in the film. Although the amount of acting Grant will be able to do will be limited because of filming conflicts. This passed weekends performance of Kyle and Nick show was the biggest show so far. This week they were also joined by Nathan who did an extremely funny and unexpected impromtu on the spot reporting in the audience. Sources say he might also appear at this weeks show at Snider High School in Fort Wayne, IN. On a similar much belated note, Grant has been in a play, George S. Kaufman's "The Man that Came to Dinner" in Harvard, MA. He has been playing Sheridan White (i.e. the man that came to dinner).

December 4, 2001: Reviews from the December 1, 2001 performance are in check out the Press Page for reviews.

December 3, 2001: Just incase anyone visiting this site has been living in a cave, the McBride Brothers would like to extend their most sincere condolences to the surviving family of former Beatle George Harrison. He was loved by all and shall be missed by more. On a more positive note the script for "ELECTION DAY" has been completed. Granted, some changes are not out of the question (due to humor and/or plausability) but it is finished. Filming is slated to start in the next few weeks.

November 28, 2001: More information is availible about the weekend performance for Kyle and Nick. Nick will be doing his one-man show as well as the Hardy Boys Performance with Kyle. Kyle will also be doing the one-man show called "WHOAAH!". Its starting to sound like a broken record but the script is truly closer to completion. It will take longer than this Friday's original date but by the beginning of next week it will be finished according to the Brothers. "As soon as its finished thats when the real work will begin," Kyle said. "Location, location, location." Kyle also said that the Brothers are considering entering five other film festivals with "ELECTION DAY". They are: The New York Video Festival, The Internation Communication Film and Video Festival, The US International Film and Video Festival, The Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Festival, and The New York Comedy Film Festival. Kyle said, "Yeah, we really hope it doesn't suck. Its hard to make a major movie when you lack a budget."

November 27, 2001: Kyle and Nick will be performing at Logansport High School this Saturday. Happy Birthday to Pat G who is an extended part of the McBride Family, he's like the weird uncle or something. Pat can be seen on the PICS page.

November 26, 2001: The word is that the script for "ELECTION DAY" is nearing completion and Kyle said "We plan on having a final script by the end of this week. Once its finished, thats when we start production." Nick said, "All we have to write is an ending and tie up the other loose ends; so it flows and is coherent." Production is planned to begin in the next couple weeks. More information will be coming soon about TMB's first feature film. The reviews are in on the premiere of Nick's one-man-show "Variations on the Death of Trotsky" look for them to be posted soon in the McBride Press section as it goes up. His show should be running off and on (now performing with Kyle) through the end of March.

November 20, 2001: Kyle returned from New York yesterday and said that Wednesday March 20, 2002 (potentially subject to change) is the confirmed release date for "ELECTION DAY: a Roland McBride film". As far as the still unfinished script goes, Jon told us, "Very slowly... it is getting there but I feel like I'm eighty-five years old on a fiber diet right now... just thought I'd share... cause now I have to bathe in perfume," and then adding incoherent gutteral noises and a disturbing hand gesticulation.

November 14, 2001: Have you seen Nick's one-man show "VARIATIONS ON THE DEATH OF TROTSKY" yet? Its very funny and it's official opening performance is this Saturday at Norwell High School. Actual tour dates will be following. This is, as of right now, the only solo date he'll be performing. December 1, the second show, Kyle will be joining him at Logansport. Nick and Kyle will be doing a two-man show "THE HARDY BOYS: the case of where babies come from". Also, according to Kyle and Nathan, in the last two days the writing of the script has really picked up. Nathan said, "I never knew that compulsion would breed so much productivity..." and Kyle said, "We're still a long way away but its starting to roll,". Silent McBride (i.e. Matt P) was quoted as saying "Whatever creams your twinkie..." which has no relevance to the script but its funny.

November 12, 2001: The script is coming along slower than originally thought, however, the brothers still plan on having it finished by the end of November. The film will be released March 23, 2002 as it stands right now. This date is only written in pencil and could be moved back into April. Kyle said, "...the writing is going. Lets just say that. Its looking like it will be great once its finished, however that is the goal at the moment: finishing." Nick said, "We're going to get there, its going to be funny... when you get these five egoes into a room its amazing anything gets done. It'll get there" Also, there should be some new pictures coming up keep checking for those gems.

November 7, 2001: The McBride Brothers announced that they will be filming beginning the end of November ("...God willing if it gets written" Kyle) until late January. February and early March will be post-production. Also keep checking in for the PRESS page that will be going up soon.

November 6, 2001: The Brothers received rave reviews from critics and audience members alike at the three performances of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Reviews of the performances will be coming shortly. The writing is still going on for ELECTION DAY; slow but steady. More updates to come soon. Also Jon and Kyle made an unannounced appearance with actor Scott Rumage on stage at Summers Auditorium yesterday in his original one-man-show: HOW TO GREET PEOPLE, HOW THEY RESPOND, AND WHY THIS TITLE SO DAMN LONG. This surprise performance was also very funny. Obviously their appearance made it a three-man show, but they didn't say much... they were just the eye candy.

October 31, 2001: The Windsong International Film Festival will be entered by the McBride Brothers. Thank you to the many fans that offered their ideas and concepts. The Brothers have decided to write and star in a movie entitled "ELECTION DAY". It is going to be a mock-documentary which they have begun to write. Stay tuned for more updates and the Election Day page that will be coming. This weekend Jon, Nick, and Kyle will be performing and featured in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM November 2nd and 3rd at the Summers Auditorium. They are half the rustics: Starvling, Quince, and Bottom respectively. Nathan will be aiding in technical work. Finally, new pictures will be coming soon.

October 27, 2001: Happy Birthday to Silent McBride and congratulations to the Canterbury Soccer Team for the State Championship.

October 9, 2001: Not a great deal happening in the ways of McBride. There is one update however. The brothers are in the process of making a film for the Windsong Film Festival. They have several ideas in mind however they would like your imput as well. E-mail me at to find out the details, the ideas then possibly submit your own for the film.

September 19, 2001: All the bios should be up and running now, there are new pictures, new links and just general updated information about McBride... sorry for the delay.

September 13, 2001: Everyone in and involved with the McBride Brothers and Meeker & Co. Productions would like to express our sympathy and applaud the undenyable bravery and heart of the New York City fire department and the families involved with this tragedy. Our regrets and thoughts and prayers are with you.

August 30, 2001: There are plenty of new pictures up to satisfy your insatiable desire. Check out the pics page and the members pages. And yes, Grant's bio is coming soon.

August 27, 2001: Hi, we here at MEEKER & CO. are back in the saddle and ready to serve our hungry patrons. We have NEW GROUP PICTURES, NEW TRANSCRIPTS, and the long lost BIO OF GRANT coming your way very shortly. Update on brothers activities: the brothers have begun working on an album for everyones enjoyment, we have been given a copy of the McBride Brothers song "Touch My Ferret" and will (as soon as technologically possible) have it up for you to listen to... so stay tuned.

June 1, 2001: There are new live and regular pictures up today! ENJOY!

May 26, 2001: They finally made it up! The live pictures from the April 20th shows! Check 'em out on the live pics page.

May 23, 2001: The Picture Gallery was updated today as well as those pictures on Sean, Simon, and Winky's pages that weren't appearing. It has FINALLY been fixed. Live pictures and pictures of new member Jared McBride are still coming!! Stay tuned....

May 15, 2001: Today Jared McBride's Bio officially went up. Its interesting just as the others (minus Toby's... it not existing). Pictures from the two performances are going to be going up soon as well as new transcripts. So keep checking.

May 1, 2001: My sources confirmed today that there is a new member of the McBride Brothers. Nick is now a full fledged brother. Rumors began last Wednesday when it was announced that he would be a special guest star for the April 20th shows. Nick's name is Jared McBride and his membership was made official on Friday April 27, 2001. Also, we'd like to wish a happy 18th birthday to Toby (Grant). Finally! He can buy fine Citgo Products (The Squad knows what thats about). And finally, live pics from the two McBride Shows will soon be posted. So, stay tuned.

April 21, 2001: Well the two McBride shows on Friday were met with mixed reviews. The short morning teaser that they did with departed member Toby was incredible. The afternoon show, according to Kyle, was a disaster. Althought fans seem to think otherwise. Also, Jon and Nathan made special guest appearances at the Canterbury Variety Show. They performed the infamous McBride-style tennis while Nathan did a news program and Jon did an interpretive dance to Fiona Apple's "Fast as you can", Wham!'s "Wake me up before you gogo", Duran Duran's "Ordinary World", and Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat". It was, well, interesting and twisted all at once.

April 16, 2001: Remember all, a scarce performance by the McBride Brothers will happen twice... thats right twice on one day! Incredible. The main performance is on April 20, 2001 starting at 4p.m. in Summers Auditorium. So clear your schedules for a performance with a special guest appearance by Nick Noble. And tax payers! Attending a McBride Brothers performance can be written off as a medical expense due to the psycological trauma endured.

April 10, 2001: A special contest has been announced! The McBride Brothers are performing April 20, 2001 at Summers Auditorium and want you to choose one of the skits. Take a look at the transcripts page and e-mail your favorite to or . The voting will end Monday of next week. So vote away and the winner will be announced and performed at the Canterbury Talent Show!

April 9, 2001: Since the last news update, The A.D.D. CHANNEL placed 9th out of 49 of the best speakers in Indiana. There is no denying good material is there? Also the McBride Brothers will be performing twice next week. Both of them are on April 20, 2001. They will be performing at 9:45 a.m. at Summers Auditorium then they are making a special guest performance that night at the Canterbury Talent Show (no time confirmed yet) but they tell me it will be near the end of the night.

March 20, 2001: Been informed that THE A.D.D. CHANNEL has been performed at a number of speech related events and it has done extremely well. It has been presented in four and the rankings go as follows: 6th place @ Northrop High School, 3rd place @ East Noble High School, 1st place for Sectional Speech @ Snider High School, and 5th place for District Speech @ Plymouth High School. This weekend these two will perform it in Indianapolis for State Speech. Congratulations. Also, two new McBride Brothers performances have been confirmed. They are both on April 20, 2001 @ Summers Auditorium.

March 6, 2001: Reminder... March 10, 2001, Fort Wayne residents FUZZY MATH appears at F.A.M.E.

February 26, 2001: Attention Fort Wayne residents, mark March 10, 2001 for the debut performance of FUZZY MATH for F.A.M.E. 7pm at the Grand Wayne Center. FUZZY MATH features brother Sean McBride on guitar. Be sure to visit from our links page. Also, today is the best day of the whole damn year Kyle tells me. There was also a new non-mcbride transcript posted today. Check it out!

February 20, 2001: Thank you for all the response for the web site. If there is enough interest, there will be a McBride News Letter starting if any interest e-mail

January 30, 2001: The posters are at two schools: Heritage and South Side if there is any interest go ahead and respond. We won't bite... hard.

January 8, 2001: The McBride Brothers website has finally opened to the public. So enjoy yourselfs. There are some rough edges right now and the lack of response from the dearly departed brother Toby, but myself and the Brothers think you will enjoy it. Remember: if there is any interest about the video let the Brothers or I know as with the CD of McBride material.

November 30, 2000: Video is still in the works or in the bowels of the business, remember if there is any intrest to e-mail myself or the brothers themselves. Also there is also an idea of an album being thrown around (in a violent manner). E-mail if interest. The OFFICIAL opening of the site to the public has been delayed because of difficulties with our server for those of you that have a sneak peak.

October 26, 2000: Happy 17th Birthday Matt Powell.... he is the brother known as Silent McBride because he never speaks in public. And congrats on your driver's license.

October 25, 2000: McBride is officially online. Right now, a possible live video is in the works. Its the June 13, 2000 live performance at Summers Auditorium for a small yet kewl audience. It is also the last filmed testimony from Toby McBride before he fell deep into his coma. So if there is any intrest, please E-mail so that project can get underway.