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Jon Hurley

*Jon is 6'3" tall

*Jon's 'family' name is Winky McBride

*Jon was the third member to join the McBride Brothers

*Jon names INDIGO his favorite color because Nathan utterly dispises the color.

*Jon is a big fan of music. He said that his favorite groups were Fastball and Weird Al, understanding that NO ONE would believe him if he named The Presidents of the United States as his favorite (note to reader: liking the Presidents of the USA is a disease and can be treated, visit one of the many help groups that Jon has started saying "...theres a 12-step program for everything") Jon also plays saxaphone and is known for his many baritone sax solos around his school.

*Addictions SHOES and being an ass.

*Jon is not a very picky eater. He says that his favorite food would probably be pasta... but normally he lives off of Dr. PepperĀ®.

*Jon was also a lover of Monty Python [ in more than one way : ) ] and names that as an inspiration for joining the group. "Who really can say why I joined the group? It was fun and a great waste of time!"

*In the accents and impersonations department, Jon says he is limited. He can do Russian, French, and British accents but can only impersonate a stoned british man.

*Jon says the main difference between the McBride Brothers and other sketch comedy groups is "... we laugh at our own jokes. Our writing is different; Kyle's is WAY different, but our name, our group, and our style is the big difference."

*Jon, as mentioned above, has been a big fan of Monty Python for a long time. He says he has also been influenced by other British Comedy like Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf, Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served, and Mr. Bean as well as Red Green Show.

*Ever the pessimist, Jon agrees that his writing is crap. It truly isn't as bad as he makes it out to be. "Just the process is different than the rest of us. Jon and I used to write a skit for every idea that would pop into our heads which all in all caused us both to write A LOT of crap. Nathan on the other hand waits until he gets a truly strong inspiration to write and thats why the majority of his stuff is funny and a lesser percentage of our stuff is, " Kyle said.

*Jon other interests include stalking dead people, feeding the cow (wink wink... moo), pretending to be gay with Kyle, frightening strangers, running stop signs, and sticking things in cats.

*Six words that Jon say describe him are: lisdexic(think about it), emotional, tasty (hmm...), slippery, hard-working-at-everything-but-comedy, and jocular.