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Nathan Smith


*Nathan is 6'2" tall

*Nathan's 'family' name is Simon McBride

*Nathan is the other founding member of the troupe and is a primary writer.


*Nathan says his favorite color is blue, because indigo sucks!

*Nathan is deeply rooted in the classics when it comes to music. He says that his favorite band of all time would have to be Queen but he enjoys '60s pop stuff aswell.

*Nathan names computer games as his ultimate addiction. System Smack 2 and Star Smack are the favorites.


*Nathan said that he began sketch comedy for the primary reason that it was fun. He liked Monty Python movies and performed their skits in speech tournaments, one day he and Kyle had an idea they said "...would make a great skit" and so they wrote it and kept writing.

*Nathan, like Kyle, loves doing accents. He says his favorites are basic 'ethnic' accents.

*"The real difference," Nathan said, "is that The McBride Brothers has me. Seriously, we're actually funny; we think, and we're just high school students. Normally high school students don't get involved with this sort of thing... infact I don't know of any other groups that have done this while they were in high school. I think our age has a lot to do with it. Sometimes people don't expect teens like us to say or do some of the things that we do. Some of it may be too old for us but thats where the humor is."

*As far as comedic influences are concerned, Monty Python, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Mel Brooks are some of Nathan's.

*"I like situational irony a lot," Nathan said when discussing his own writing style. "You know, the type of script that has a very normal, standard plot but takes a one-hundred and eighty degree spin into something completely unexpected. Our writing styles are this: I write normal scenes with twists, Kyle writes stuff that is completely weird and bizarre wherein lies the humor, and Jon writes crap (with a twinkle in his eye)."

*Nathan's other interests include golf, participating in Model UN, and feeding his addiction (i.e. computer games)