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transcribed: Oct. 24, 2000 by


CHILD 1: Daddy, read me a bedtime story!

WIFE: Honey, the oil light on the car has been on for the past week... is that a bad thing?

CHILD 2: Daddy... where do babies come from??

FATHER: (rubbing his head in pain) Oh this headache!!

ANNOUNCER: Has your life been a little too much lately.

FATHER: (looking up in air for the voice) Yeah its this headache.

ANNOUNCER: Then you need extra strength Rylenol pain reliever. Rylenol has been clinically tested on giant wambats to effectively relieve headache pain without irritating your pancreas.

FATHER: That sounds great.

ANNOUNCER: Extra strength Rylenol can help you get back to your normal, everyday responsibilities.

FATHER: (shows father with charts diagramming to Child 2 the miracle of birth... or reading story) Thanks Rylenol.

ANNOUNCER: Some side effects of Rylenol may include nausea, memory loss, dizzyness, headache, blurred vision, memory loss, paralysis, chronic hiccups, memory loss, hair loss, temporary or permanent loss of the ability to blink, dry mouth, hearing loss, memory loss, stroke, or spontaneous combustion. Rylenol is not for everyone. Children under the age of 12, adults over the age of 60, pregnant men or women, and firemen should not take Rylenol. Do not mix Rylenol with other medications, alcohol, carbonated beverages, water, soliva, stomach acids, or wheat products. Make your life normal again with extra strength Rylenol.


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