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transcribed: April 11, 2001 by

****(guy sitting in a chair at a table; looking into a camera; loosened tie; disheveled)****

TED: Alright.... I just don't believe it! So you think I'm too childish to hang with you? The cool group? Not cool enough to smoke a "J" with y'all? Fine I can deal with that (makes move to get up then stops) Where the hell do you get so high and mighty to tell me that I don't belong? Huh? Can you answer that? You don't want to play spin the bottle with me at the parties. I don't need this... And I don't need you! (starts to leave again then thinks about it again... starts to cry) What is with you heartless people?!?!? I don't belong here with you! I know that now. Because if God would have wanted me here, he would have found me a mate!

****(camera pans out to show rest of table has other business men around it)****

BOSS: (at head of table) So..... uh....... do you have the Deacon report ready or not, Ted?

TED: Not sir.

****(fade out)****



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