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d . r . o . n . e .




This futuristic drama follows one man's fight against the government's implementation of a video game, as he attempts to keep a young neighbor boy from becoming addicted to it. Written and directed by John Hartman.



Droning takes place here in the living rooms we now watch television, in the dens from which we get online, in the bedrooms where we dream. The desensitizing routine of the newly elected is what Phillip refers to as d.r.o.n.e. When New Life Technologies went to work for the governing body, it created the most innovative video game ever, a game where one is no longer forced to play the role of someone else, but where the game is actually inside the mind of the player. It is saved to a hard drive and able to be continued at a later date, a game with a never-ending memory slot...your mind.

This game, reformatted and expanded over time, is now used to allow users to correct errors made in the course of a day in order to build a virtual perfect life. It is not only the world's new pastime, it's the law. Phillip has gone his entire life knowing something others have not. He is a direct descendent of the inventor and former CEO of New Life Technologies, which means that since his childhood, he has been groomed to become the heir of the New Life Enterprise. Phillip will occasionally organize small groups, three, maybe four, to protest droning. It is easy for passersby to look at Phillip as if he is unstable, but the second glance always reveals a sense of dignity and purpose. But those passing by are only concerned with getting back to "the chair."

Phillip knows Carolyn and Ian from his apartment building. They have lived below him for years. Carolyn was widowed in her twenties. No woman married at twenty-one believes that within a few years from the day she said, "I do," that her husband would be gone. Carolyn didn't either. She was married to > the man of her dreams, good-looking, caring, strong, and most of all, inventive. He was an engineer, who worked, like most do, for a subsidiary of New Life. He was not going to run the company someday. That was never a thought in his mind, and that was the reason Carolyn loved him. He was dedicated to her and to the idea of a family.

Phillip has watched Ian grow. Ian has a bright mind and an even brighter imagination. He listens, and he hears. He is in one word, "intense." He has been left to himself on many occasions while his mother enters the chair for "one last conversation with Dad." Ian cannot conceptualize the term, "father." He is unable to miss a man he never knew. All he knows is that his mother cries before she visits the chair, and she cries even more when she leaves the chair.


writer : John Hartman
director : John Hartman
producers : Janette Luu, Courtney Heiser
starring : coming soon ! ! !