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transcribed: Apr. 11, 2001 by

****(business woman stands at the front of a room with her projector with graphs )****

WOMAN:What our research has shown is that there are 17 very clear types of people that believe our general sales pitch. And that at least 50% of the time, they will believe anything that involves the mystical healing powers of unicorn tears. All of this means, ipso facto, we believe our client's profits will be multiplied each of the next three years. With these results, and our industry leading manipulation of the market it should be a lucrative time for all. Alright, are there any questions? (pans out and she has been speaking to a room of first graders; boy in front raises his hand) Yes, you in front?

BOY: Yes..... I've always wondered how do they get those ships in the bottles?

****(Fade out)****


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